We're excited to announce the release of our innovative “NC1701 Enhanced Vehicle Communications Controller".

NC1701 is a standalone microcontroller that can be incorporated into telematic hardware designs, either OBD plug-in or embedded box solutions. Unlike the chips used in conventional telematics devices, NC1701 ships with an embedded firmware that contains all the know-how for OEM level communication with virtually any vehicles ECUs. Other telematic device features such as: Smart Low Power Mode and Advanced Ignition Detection, come as standard.

NC1701 enables companies in the Connected Car space to access vehicle OEM data without requiring any previous knowledge of vehicle ECU communication protocols or physical CAN bus technology. NC1701 features essential functionality for most telematics applications, and when combined with Nebula’s award-winning MECH5 cloud platform, it truly “connects” the vehicle by creating a gateway to a vast array of applications.

The rush for access to vehicle data is on and we are primed to empower businesses with access to the vast quantities of data that modern vehicles possess. Traditionally, this was limited to a generic subset of engine data commonly known as OBDII, but our access is virtually unlimited and can include: 

  • Fuel Level  
  • Odometer 
  • Battery condition 
  • Doors/trunks - open/closed 
  • Tyre Inflation  TPMS information  
  • Vehicle Occupancy - seat airbag sensors 
  • Fluid levels for Service - oil, washer, coolant etc. 
  • Service info – time/distance to next service, brake pad wear etc. 
  • Environmental– rain sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors etc  

The NC1701 can assist all kinds of different Connected Car companies to achieve their data acquisition goals: 

Rental, UBI, Fleet, Roadside Recovery, Fuel Rewards, Market Research, In Car display, Car Driver Apps and many others...

Give us a call on +(44) 1280 816 333 to find out how we can help.

To find out more please download the NC1701 brochure, visit the NC1701 website ( or drop us an email (


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